EasyLesson at the Università degli Studi di Milano

EasyLesson at the Università degli Studi di Milano

As the first semester comes to an end, it is time to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures that Italian universities have had to take in order to respond to the Covid-19 emergency and ensure quality and, above all, safe teaching.

More than 20 universities have decided to adopt EasyStaff’s EasyLesson solution, and it is with great pleasure that we share with you the words of Guido Chiantoni from the ICT Department of the Università degli Studi di Milano, who talks about his experience with the adoption of this new module of the EasyAcademy suite:

“The Statale di Milano provides one hundred and forty-one courses of study, serving a total of seventy thousand active students. In February 2020, we had to meet the challenge of blended teaching in a very tight timeframe, with compulsory tracking of classroom attendance and compliance with spacing rules. All this has been made possible by the introduction of a new high added value service created by adopting the EasyLesson module, which is part of the #EasyAcademy suite developed and marketed by EasyStaff s.r.l – Zucchetti Group.

It has been a complete success with more than one hundred and forty thousand bookings recorded in the system in less than three months. This result obtained in times of emergency is not the result of chance: it would not have been possible without the previous pervasive and stubborn adoption of the suite’s two main modules relating to the management of spaces (#EasyRoom) and schedules (#EasyCourse), which implied a rational and functional organisation and management of data that, when tested, proved tremendously effective.”

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