Booking of asset resources

Project Description

Booking of asset resources Resource Planning

Resource Planning is the module of the EasyPlanning suite that allows engagements sharing, booking and management of asset resources.

Resource Planning combines user friendliness with the versatility of its functions and management adaptability to the needs of each organizational context.

Thanks to the completeness of the booking information, it is possible to create useful statistics on users, or on groups of users, who booked or used asset resources, thus establishing the possible costs to be applied.

Resource Planning is particularly useful when a centralized booking system is required to maintain direction and control of the booking operations.

Thanks to different levels of classroom booking authorization, you can manage the workflow requested by peripheral users, through automatic mail personalization, thus ensuring a timely sharing of the asset resources.

Resource Planning is used by several Italian municipalities for managing gym facilities’ engagements and sport associations’ sharing of training, competitions and organized events; in this context, some functions have been developed to allow managers to book available spaces, indicating their sports clubs and category of teams, and citizens to get information about training sessions and championship games using the internet or a mobile.

Resource Planning is also used for the management of offices and meeting rooms by large companies, for the management of judges’ rooms by courts, and for cars and bicycles bookings in the corporate and academic fields.

Resource Planning is particularly suitable for the organization of resources in the following areas:

  • City hallls (municipal gyms, meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Courts (management of judges’ rooms)
  • Private companies (reservation of offices and meeting rooms)
  • Universities (cars and bicycles)

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