Intervention planning

Project Description

Intervention Planning Activity Planner

Activity Planner is the algorithmic engine for the automatic assignment of daily interventions during employees’ working hours.

Activity Planner can be used in all those companies that have to cover, with specific deadlines, on-site interventions towards the end customer, while at the same time guaranteeing the fulfilment of the employees’ company contracts.

If the activities to be assigned on a daily basis are located at geographically distant points, Activity Planner minimises the number of trips that employees have to make during the day, thus guaranteeing a greater number of interventions covered.

Activity Planner also assumes an important strategic analysis function in order to assess whether the tasks to be planned are sustainable on the basis of the available employees and the number of overtime hours that can be allocated per day, and which tasks could remain uncovered, by managing the priorities for covering these tasks.

Activity Planner is based on the principle that the assignment of tasks to employees on different days of the planning period “guides” the assignment of working hours (difference with the Workforce Planner algorithmic engine).

Activity Planner can be easily integrated with the IT platforms of partners that develop systems for the management of human resources (Attendance/Absence, HR management, etc.) and represents an important added value in providing the customer with a complete solution for the organisation of company personnel.

The algorithmic engine of Activity Planner has been developed using meta-heuristic techniques belonging to the paradigm known as “local search“; local search allows a drastic reduction in resolution times, compared to the exhaustive techniques proposed in the scientific literature. With local search, valid and applicable solutions can be derived fully automatically and in reasonable times, in the order of a few minutes for medium-sized problems.

Activity Planner is particularly suitable for the automatic resolution of shift schedules and the assignment of services to staff in the following sectors:

  • Cleaning and maintenance service companies
  • Social cooperatives working in the local area (care of elderly or sick)
  • Surveillance and security companies
  • Areas and parking control
  • Zucchetti SPA – ZScheduling module suite HR Infinity

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