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Classroom's statistics EasyAnalytics

EasyAnalytics is the module of the EasyAcademy suite for creating extremely important statistics and graphs related to the use and saturation of available spaces at Universities.

Thanks to the integration with the EasyRoom module, EasyAnalytics analyzes the level of use of the classrooms, highlighting the types of events and the Departments that most use the University spaces; Furthermore, EasyAnalytics allows to compare the number of students present in class, information obtained from the classroom control, with the estimated number of students used for preparing schedules and the capacity of the classroom selected for the lessons.

The use of the EasyAnalytics module offers University managements a modern control panel containing detailed information on the use and saturation of their classrooms.

Thanks to this information, University managements can be more confident to make the right selection whenever they need to assign one or more classrooms from one Department to another, or to properly manage the canteen staff based on the students’ traffic or make decisions about renting or buying new buildings and new classrooms suitable to host lessons for students.

EasyAnalytics is integrated with:


EasyRoom is the module of the EasyAcademy suite that manages University classrooms and laboratories bookings.

Thanks to the system integration between the two modules it is possible to obtain, from the large amount of booking data stored in EasyRoom, useful statistics that constitute the control panel of the EasyAnalytics module.

Software for University’s unique authentication

EasyAnalytics can be configured to allow access to the system with unique University credentials; EasyCourse is compatible with the most common SSO protocols such as Shibboleth, CAS and LDAP.

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