Graduation sessions

Graduation sessions EasyThesis

EasyThesis is the module of the EasyAcademy suite that allows you to plan and manage the graduation sessions of Universities Departments/Schools.

EasyThesis was born from the accurate analysis carried out by EasyStaff on a very large sample of Departments / Schools that showed that each University has regulation  stating what procedures should be followed for assigning graduating students to graduation sessions and those for appointing teachers to examination commissions; every single Didactic Structure can have organizational timings  and logics in managing graduation sessions completely different from the others, even when they belong to the same University.

EasyThesis not only meets the specific needs of each Educational institution, but also collects the requests and availability of the teaching staff who play an active role in the final composition of graduation sessions.

Each Didactic Structure can be divided into Subject Areas to which students and teachers belong; for each session, and for each Subject Area, the user is guided through successive phases of the software such as: allocation of the days for the sessions within the period of the session, assignment of students who will present, for each session, their dissertation and, finally, appointment of the teachers to the Evaluation Committee.

The economic savings in man/ minutes reported below were calculated thanks to the collaboration with some EasyStaff customers.

The examples below relate to a medium-sized Department / School with 150 teachers, 150 undergraduates and 12 graduation sessions.

  • Collection of teachers’ preferences
    Traditional management (paper forms): 5 minutes for each teacher
    Use of the EasyThesis module:

    • the savings is around 12,5 man/days for each graduation session
  • Calendar preparation
    Traditional management: 20 minutes per single degree session
    Use of the EasyThesis module:

    • the savings is around 4 man/days for each graduation session
  • Publication of results
    Traditional management: 10 minutes per single degree session
    Use of the EasyThesis module:

    • the savings is around 2 man/days for each graduation session

EasyThesis is integrated with:

University management software

EasyThesis can be integrated with Universities’ management software; thanks to this integration it is possible to automatically import into EasyThesis, the list of graduating students and the title of their thesis, the list of teachers and their roles, any constraints on the composition of exam commissions, etc.

Web planner for students and teachers

The students and teachers’ web planner is an EasyAcademy suite module that allows public consultation of information to be provided to students and teachers.
Thanks to the system integration between the two modules it is possible, with a simple click, to make public any information on the examination sessions produced by EasyThesis and thus allow students and teachers to consult the relevant schedules.

Software for University’s unique authentication

EasyThesis can be configured to allow access to the system with unique University credentials; EasyThesis is compatible with the most common SSO protocols such as Shibboleth, CAS and LDAP.

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