Consultation of events on screens

Consultation of events on screens

The events memorized within the EasyRoom module planning can be consulted by students as they can be projected on external screens placed at the entrance of the buildings or in places of high students’ traffic such as University corridors and common areas.

The contents projected on the screens can be configured according to the classrooms locations within buildings and with respect to the types of planned events, making this tool extremely versatile.

Depending on the size of the screens and the needs of the institution, the projection on the screens can be configured with the following two modes: projection of classrooms’ daily engagement plan, suitable for displaying all the commitments of a venue on a single screen, or projection of bookings in the list format.

It is also possible to project daily notices on external screens, which can be connected to EasyRoom, and are useful to keep students informed about schedule changes, lesson cancellations or other important notices of a more general nature.

The Consultation of events on screens is integrated with:


EasyRoom is the module of the EasyAcademy suite that manages University classrooms and laboratories bookings.

The event information displayed on screens is retrieved from the information on the classroom engagement plan stored in EasyRoom.

Digital Signage

The Digital signage software packages are IT tools that allow the creation of schedules with highly customizable dynamic content; thanks to this software it is possible to project on various screens various types of content such as images, videos, links, news, etc.

The links to the pages for consulting the events on screens can be included in the schedules configured by the Digital Signage software packages.

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