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Mobile application EasyApp

EasyApp is the application for smartphones and tablets of the EasyAcademy suite that allows mobile consultation of the suite modules’ public content.

EasyApp was created as an obvious development of EasyStaff’s commitment to innovation and the constant updating of its solutions in relation to new available technologies.

Supported by the most popular mobile platforms (iOS / Android / Windows Phone), this application has been developed to facilitate students and teachers’s access to information about the courses offered at universities.

EasyApp features various functionalities, from the creation of different user profiles, to the consultation of lesson and exam schedules, to the display of scheduled events in classrooms and the location of the various sites on Google Maps.

Thanks to a specific module that can be used by University staff, it is possible to send students, through “push notifications“, important notices about classroom or timetable changes, lesson cancellations, or more general information such as invitations to seminars and extra-curriculum activities; a notification can be forwarded only to students who follow on EasyApp the course related to it.

Thanks to the new section of EasyApp addressed to teachers, it is also possible for teachers themselves to send students push notifications.

EasyApp is integrated with:


EasyRoom is the module of the EasyAcademy suite that manages University classrooms and laboratories bookings. The information on the web planner’s pages about lesson and exam schedules, and classrooms’ availability offered to students and teachers, is obtained from the events recorded in the EasyRoom module.


EasyCourse is the module of the EasyAcademy suite that allows you to optimize and manage student and teachers’ lesson schedules at Universities Departments / Schools.

Lesson schedules, planned with the EasyCourse module, can be displayed on the EasyApp lessons timetable page.


EasyTest is the module of EasyAcademy suite that allows you to optimize and manage students and teachers’ appeal exam schedules at university Departments / Schools.

Exam session schedules, planned with the EasyTest module, can be ma on the EasyApp exam sessions calendar page.


EasyBadge is the module of the EasyAcademy suite for recording the attendance of students enrolled in educational activities with compulsory attendance.

The attendance recording system proposed by EasyStaff requires the use of the students’ mobile devices, as recording terminals, and the use of the EasyApp mobile application.

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