Students’ attendance recording

Students attendance recording EasyBadge

EasyBadge is the module of the EasyAcademy suite for recording the attendance of students enrolled in educational activities with compulsory attendance.

Tracking students’ class attendance is certainly not an easy task.

The use of the paper register, on which each student must put his / her signature to certify the presence, is not the safest and most modern method to verify that all students are attending a class, and this an issue that many Universities must solve with more efficient and innovative tools.

To this end, universities must therefore abandon obsolete systems, which do not guarantee the truthfulness of the collected data, introducing vice versa technologies that are able to guarantee data recording in a simple and more efficient way, at low investment costs.

EasyBadge is an intuitive and minimalist module that integrates with the EasyRoom module that collects events data to monitor students’ class attendance, thus making educational activities monitoring very fast and at the same time reducing inevitable data entry errors.

The monitoring method proposed by EasyStaff is based on the students’ use of the EasyApp mobile application; the student uses EasyApp to record the alphanumeric code of the lesson received by the teacher and, if all the controls managed by EasyApp are successful, the system records the student’s attendance in the EasyBadge module.

EasyBadge automatically calculates, progressively with lessons completion, the percentage of the student attendance at every single event or group of events; at the end of the lessons EasyBadge provides the manager with a list of students who have reached the class attendance requirement to sit for the final exam.

The economic savings in man/ minutes reported below were calculated thanks to some EasyStaff customers’ collaboration.

The examples given below feature a medium-sized Department / School with 30 compulsory attendance courses to be monitored and 15 lessons for each course

  • Paper forms (printing and delivery)
    Traditional management: 2 minutes per single lesson
    Use of the EasyBadge module:

    • the savings are around 15 man/days for each semester
  • Paper forms (attendance data entry)
    Traditional management: 3 minutes per single lesson
    Use of the EasyBadge module:

    • the savings are around 22,5 man/days for each semester
  • Final calculation
    Traditional management: 5 minutes per single teaching unit
    Use of the EasyBadge module:

    • the savings are around 2,5 man/days for each semester

EasyBadge is integrated with:


EasyRoom is the module of the EasyAcademy suite that manages University classrooms and laboratories bookings.

Thanks to the system integration between the two modules it is possible to obtain information on each lesson date, start and end time, and classroom; EasyRoom will assign each lesson an alphanumeric code that will be sent to the students.


EasyApp is a mobile application for the EasyAcademy suite students and teachers.

The attendance recording system proposed by EasyStaff requires the use of the students’ mobile devices, as recording terminals, and the use of the EasyApp mobile application.

Software for University’s unique authentication

EasyBadge can be configured to allow access to the system with unique University credentials; EasyCourse is compatible with the most common SSO protocols such as Shibboleth, CAS and LDAP.

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