Teachers’ attendance recording

Teachers' attendance recording EasyRegister

EasyRegister is the module of the EasyAcademy suite for recording teachers’ class attendance.

When the number of lessons planned during the day is considerable, the activity of monitoring their performance is very complex to managed.

For this reason, many universities choose to delegate to the teachers themselves the certification of their performance through a self-certification procedure performed after, or during, the lessons.

Thanks to the system integration with the EasyRoom module, EasyRegister offers teachers a record of all the lessons they are responsible for, with the possibility to specify, for past lessons, if the teaching activity was carried out or if the teacher was replaced by a colleague, or if the activity was not carried out and for what reason.

In case of changes to the timetable of future lessons, EasyRegister automatically synchronizes with the EasyRoom module, thus always showing teachers updated data.

Once the self-certification phase has been completed, it is possible for both the teacher and the institution administrator to download useful reports containing attendance statistics.

EasyRegister is integrated with:


EasyRoom is the module of the EasyAcademy suite that manages University classrooms and laboratories bookings.

Thanks to the system integration between the two modules it is possible to obtain information on lessons dates, start and end times and classrooms for which teachers must certify their attendance.

Software for University’s unique authentication

EasyRegister can be configured to allow access to the system with unique University credentials; EasyCourse is compatible with the most common SSO protocols such as Shibboleth, CAS and LDAP.

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