Booking of resources and services

Project Description

Booking of resources and services EasyPlanning

EasyPlanning is the software module developed by EasyStaff for the management, sharing, online booking and access control of scheduled services and physical resources.

EasyPlanning is easily accessed from the EasyStaff cloud with a simple web browser and requires no installation on the customers’ machines that use it.

EasyPlanning is a SaaS service certified by AGID (Agency for Digital Italy) (view online the EasyPlanning certification).


Booking of scheduled services

EasyPlanning can be used for on-line booking of scheduled services with the aim of avoiding crowds in public and private places and simplifying the booking of appointments for users (citizens, students, employees, etc.).

In this application area, EasyPlanning aims to overcome the old concept of telephone appointments, ensuring that users can book the service from the web and benefit from a wide choice of dates and times.

There are many cases of application, such as bookings for municipal and university services at the counter (bookings for registry office services, identity card applications, registrations, etc.), bookings for access to recycling areas, bookings for access to shops, bookings for library services, etc.

In all these cases, the system provides both a Private area, dedicated to administrators and managers, and a Public area which, through the use of fully configurable responsive web masks, allows users (citizens, students, employees, etc.) to search and make online bookings for the services of interest.


Reservation of physical resources

EasyPlanning can be used for the reservation of physical resources with the aim of guaranteeing control by a central entity while also allowing autonomy in the reservation of resources to peripheral entities/users.

Thanks to the completeness of the booking information, it is possible to carry out useful statistics on the users, or on the group of users who have booked or used the resource, thus establishing possible costs to be applied.

The application cases are many, such as managing the planning of gyms and community halls, managing the planning of company vehicles, managing the planning of laboratory equipment, managing the planning of desks and meeting rooms.

In all these cases, the system provides only the Private area, dedicated to administrators, managers and simple users, all of whom have specific levels of permission to book resources, thanks to which it is possible to manage the workflow of requests from peripheral users, by sending automatic e-mails, guaranteeing timely sharing of planning.

EasyPlanning is used in the following areas:


Booking of scheduled services

  • online booking for municipal and university counter services (booking for registry office services, identity card applications, matriculations, etc.)
  • online reservation for access to recycling areas
  • online reservation of places in libraries and reading rooms in municipalities and universities
  • online booking for access to shops
  • online booking for visits to hospitals and extended care units
  • online booking for medical examinations
  • online booking for university tests and exams
  • online booking for consultations and beauty services
  • online booking for access to beaches and booking umbrellas and gazebos
  • online booking for students-teachers counselling for schools and universities
  • online booking for appointments in legal offices


Reservation of physical resources

  • Management of schedules for gyms and town halls
  • Management of laboratory equipment and vehicle fleet schedules
  • Planning management of desks and meeting rooms
  • Management of court room schedules

EasyPlanning is integrated with:

Access Control Module

Thanks to the Access Control module, EasyPlanning is also able to manage the phase following the online booking which concerns the management of access to the spaces by the booking users.
The Access Control module traces the actual access to the spaces of a user by bringing the booking QR Code closer to a smartphone or tablet.
The Access Control can be used to verify, for example, the tracking of the presence in case of reservation of a place in a library, or in case of access to the company headquarters, or in case of visits to patients in retirement homes.


In the University area EasyPlanning shares with the others modules of the EasyAcademy suite:

  • User.managers database
  • Centralised authentication for managing users and students
  • Web Planner for students and teachers and EasyApp: the Public area of EasyPlanning can be integrated within the EasyAcademy platforms dedicated to students.

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